DBpedia Connect & DBpedia Commerce - Discussing the new Strategy of DBpedia

In order to keep growing and improving, DBpedia has been undergoing a growth hack the last couple months. As part of this process, we developed two new subdivisions of DBpedia: DBpedia Connect and DBpedia Commerce.The former is a low-code platform to interconnect your public or private databus data with the unified, global DBpedia graph and export the interconnected and enriched knowledge graph into your infrastructure. DBpedia Commerce is an access and payment platform to transform Linked Data into a networked data economy. It will allow DBpedia to offer any data, mod, application or service on the market. During this session we will provide more insight on these as well as an overview over how DBpedia users can best utilize them.

Thursday, September 12, 2019 - 15:15 to 17:00
Sebastian Hellmann