SEMANTiCS 2019 will take place at the Gartenhalle / Convention Center Karlsruhe.  

Karlsruhe is one of Europe’s most aspiring locations for innovation. Here, with a uniquely creative blend of future-oriented research and world-class university teaching coupled with a highly active communicative network of centres of competence and top clusters, it’s not such a long way from research project to marketable product. By the way, this recently put Karlsruhe and the surrounding region amongst the top 100 in the last EU site study.Because of past international research projects, Karlsruhe has become a beacon for many other regions in Germany.

The Town

Located on the Rhine Plain between the Black Forest to the south, the Vosges mountains of France to the west, and Germany’s Palatinate hills to the north, Karlsruhe is a cultural hub, a buzzing region for technological development, and a centre of science and academia. The quality of life here is very high, the region as a whole is booming – Karlsruhe shows many facets and claims to be the “knowledge factory with savoir vivre”. The regional ICT branch represents more than 5,000 companies of all sizes within Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion. These companies engage in all possible sub-branches such as gaming, business software or IT security. Furthermore, the ICT scene has close ties to the (digital) creative branch and to the many research institutions and universities established in the area. 

The Location

The unusual architecture of the Gartenhalle sets standards. Bright, an open layout, and the integration of historical architectural elements create a pleasant and airy atmosphere.. 

The “Best of Karlsruhe“ in 1, 2 or 3 days

Are you just visiting Karlsruhe for a day? Or are you planning a longer stay in the fan-shaped city? We have put together all the highlights for you so that your personalized Karlsruhe trip is a truly special experience. From classical sights, which you simply cannot miss on your first visit to Karlsruhe, to insider tips away from the tourist trails - the choice is yours! Whatever you choose, don’t miss out on what is important to you. Be inspired!