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SEMANTiCS conference is the leading European conference on Semantic Technologies and AI. Researchers, industry experts and business leaders can develop a thorough understanding of trends and application scenarios in the fields of Machine Learning, Data Science, Linked Data and Natural Language Processing.  The 15th edition will be hosted this year in Karlsruhe (Germany).

About the conference

Semantics 2018 set the stage for the legal profession, what a great move! You could feel the pioneering spirit in all the presentations and discussions. Semantics and law are natural twins, so certainly more to come.

Stefan Stockinger

Corporate Legal, Contracts & Projects - OMV

The SEMANTiCS conference offers a good mix of academic and industry participants, making it a great place for exchanging ideas and views on different topics. Its Job Fair offers industries the possibility to contact people with very interesting profiles.

Josiane Parreira

Senior Research Scientist, Siemens AG Austria

The SEMANTiCS Conference is a really great place to come and look for inspiration, implementation, partners, for ideas and for business models.


Information Architect and Business Developer at Liip Zürich, Founder twygg

The level of conversation, the level of expectation of the participants and the level of sophistication of what they’re presenting is really astounding.

Jeanne Holm

former Chief Knowledge Architect and Digital Strategy Manager at NASA

Keynote speakers

Michel Dumontier's picture

Michel Dumontier

Distinguished Professor of Data Science

Accelerating biomedical discovery with an Internet of FAIR data and services

Andreas Harth's picture

Andreas Harth

Professor of Information Systems

From Representing Knowledge to Representing Behaviour

Michael J. Sullivan's picture

Michael J. Sullivan

Principal Cloud Solutions Architect

Hybrid Knowledge Management Architectures

Andy Boyd's picture

Andy Boyd

Knowledge Management Principle Expert

High-grading Business Decisions through Semantic Technology

Brendan Nielsen's picture

Brendan Nielsen

Knowledge Management Advisor

High-grading Business Decisions through Semantic Technology

Valentina Presutti's picture

Valentina Presutti

Coordinator at Semantic Technology Laboratory

Research Keynote

hosek's picture

Katja Hose

Professor of Computer Science

Querying the Web of Data


Make Access to Knowledge Graphs a Reliable Service

Katja Hose is a Professor of Computer Science at Aalborg University, Denmark. She received her doctoral degree in Computer Science from Ilmenau University of Technology in Germany. Katja talks about increasing the reliability of Knowledge Graph access as well as her expectations for SEMANTiCS 2019.

The Knowledge Representation Practitioner - Mike Bergman

Mike Bergman is one of the leading evangelists when it comes to Knowledge Graphs and AI. As this year's SEMANTiCS conference focus exactly on that topic, the time was right to get a 360-degree overview on the topic from Mike. Andreas Blumauer held the Interview.

It is Time For a Language That Represents Behaviour.

SEMANTiCS 2019 Keynote Speaker Andreas Harth is a professor of information systems at Friedrich-Alexander-University and Department Leader at Fraunhofer IIS-SCS. In this interview he talks about innovation in the transitional area between the virtual and the physical world.

Cities don’t need money to start using data

Jeanne Holm is the Deputy CIO of the City of Los Angeles and the Mayor’s Senior Technology Advisor. We still have great memories of her SEMANTiCS 2015 Keynote and time has come to catch up. In this interview, Jeanne provides insights into beneficial use of data for government purposes.

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Organized by

Institute for Applied Informatics



Connected Data London
KIT-Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Conference venue

Festplatz 3
Germany, Karlsruhe