Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage

Wednesday, September 11, 2019 - 11:45 to 12:45
Victor De Boer


Linked Data supported Content Analysis for Sociology

Philology and hermeneutics as the analysis and interpretation of natural language text in written historical sources are the predecessors of modern content analysis and date back already to antiquity. In empirical social sciences, especially in sociology, content analysis provides valuable insights to social structures and cultural norms of the present and past. With the ever growing amount of text on the web to analyze, also numerous computer-assisted text analysis techniques and tools were developed in sociological research.

LinkedSaeima: a Linked Open Dataset of Latvia's Parliamentary Debates

This paper describes the LinkedSaeima dataset that contains structured data about Latvia's parliamentary debates from 1993 until 2017. This information has been published as Linked Open Data and is available at It is a part of the corpus of Saeima (the Parliament of Latvia) released as open data for multidisciplinary research. The data model of LinkedSaeima follows the data structure of the LinkedEP dataset with a few modifications.