Knowledge Extraction

Wednesday, September 11, 2019 - 10:15 to 11:15
Gezim Sejdiu


Evaluating Generalized Path Queries by Integrating Algebraic Path Problem Solving with Graph Pattern Matching

Path querying on Semantic Networks is gaining increased focus because of its broad applicability. Some graph databases offer support for variants of path queries e.g. shortest path. However, many applications have the need for the set version of various path problem i.e. finding paths between multiple source and multiple destination nodes (subject to different kinds of constraints). Further, the sets of source and destination nodes may be described declaratively as patterns, rather than given explicitly.

CACAO : Conditional Spread Activation for Keyword Factual Query Interpretation

Information retrieval is regarded as pivotal to empower lay users to access the Web of Data.
Over the past years, it achieved momentum with a large number of approaches design for different scenarios being developed such as entity retrieval, question answering, and entity linking.
This work copes with the problem of entity retrieval over RDF knowledge graphs using keyword factual queries.
It discloses an approach that incorporates keyword graph structure dependencies through a conditional spread activation.