Linked Data & Data Integration

Tuesday, September 10, 2019 - 12:15 to 13:15
Matthias Landhäußer


Creating Value from Data with Knowledge Graphs

Knowledge Graphs have proved to be very powerful when faced with the challenge of connecting internal and external data sources. Using Knowledge Graphs, companies have been able to gain new insights into their data and build innovative enterprise applications. In this talk, I will show how Knowledge Graphs can help extract more value from raw data, and how metaphactory, our knowledge graph management and rapid application development platform, is used today in enterprise knowledge graph applications across various industries.

RSP-QL*: Enabling Statement-Level Annotations in RDF Streams *)

RSP-QL was developed by the W3C RDF Stream Processing (RSP) community group as a common way to express and query RDF streams. However, RSP-QL does not provide any way of annotating data on the statement level, for example, to express the uncertainty that is often associated with streaming information. Instead, the only way to provide such information has been to use RDF reification, which adds additional complexity to query processing, and is syntactically verbose.