Semantic Information Management

Tuesday, September 10, 2019 - 16:00 to 17:30
Andre Langer


Upstream - Managing Knowledge in the Oil & Gas Industry into the digital age.

"The vision for OMV Upstream is to become a digital frontrunner, thereby focusing on three major motions:

“Everything I need is just one click away” - Simple, on-demand access to information, people, and tools. Use of data anywhere, anytime via cloud-based technology.
“I understand how everything is interconnected” - Transparency of ongoing global activities. Working as an integrated ecosystem.
“I trust my digital tools” - Augmented understanding of options and their consequences. Decision making using AI and machine learning.

QUANT-Question Answering Benchmark Curator

Question answering engines have become one of the most popular type of applications driven by Semantic Web technologies. Consequently, the provision of means to quantify the performance of current question answering approaches on current datasets has become ever more important. However, a large percentage of the queries found in popular question answering benchmarks cannot be executed on current versions of their reference dataset. There is a consequently a clear need to curate question answering benchmarks periodically.

Automated KOS-based Subject Indexing in INIS

The International Nuclear Information System (INIS), created to facilitate information exchange in the broad range of scientific and technical fields related to peaceful applications of nuclear technology, currently employs a Knowledge Organization System (KOS) consisting of an advanced multilingual thesaurus and an expert system.