Semiodesk helps clients to extend the potential of existing IT-Applications towards the huge possibilities of the Semantic Web. Together with our customers we build applications that overcome silos and turn data into powerful Knowledge Graphs.

Our consultants create custom solutions based on existing infrastructures (i.e. .NET) to deliver interfaces and applications perfectly tailored to our clients’ needs. Our aim is to help our customers to connect applications with their Knowledge Graphs while maintaining established development methods and workflows.

Semiodesk takes pride in working on individual solutions for Fortune 500-Companies as well SMEs in the electronics industry, education, arts, and more. Among our clients are renowned electrical engineering companies such as Schneider Electric, WSCAD or academic institutions such as the University of the Arts London

Semiodesk Ontology Platform is a collaborative ontology editor which brings together domain experts and software engineers to create and maintain semantically integrated applications and APIs. It has integrated support for ontologies by DBpedia,, eCl@ss and GS1

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Semiodesk Trinity RDF Graph Database API

trinity is an enterprise-ready RDF graph database API. It allows .NET application developers to easily create powerful Linked Data applications using widespread technologies such as Object Mapping and LINQ.

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Meet us at our booth and let us demonstrate to you how our solutions help you increase your efficiency through the implementation of Semantic Web technologies. Enjoy a guided walkthrough of and see our powerful ontology platform in full effect at the product demo or the Semiodesk-booth any time during the conference.

Do not hesitate to contact us right away! Just write us an email and we are happy to schedule an appointment at our booth or in the conference area. We look forward to meeting you, exchange ideas and discuss about opportunities to cooperate!

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