Virtual Assistant for Electricity Operating Procedures

The importance of operational instructions and their impact on the control room is much discussed in the electrical sector. When a blackout occurs, in one of the phases, operators must use a set of documents that includes all the actions that will help the agent in the execution of switching order until the system restoration.
Agility and accuracy depend on the operator's knowledge and experience. In cases of big and complex systems, it can take a long time for the complete network to be restored, besides possible execution failures.
The Edison virtual assistant is a software(under evaluation) that gives the operator a chatbot console that responds and assists in natural language the switching procedures and other queries about real time data. Its knowledge base is a RDF graph database that stores the network model in the Common information Model (CIM RDF/XML IEC 61970) and uses machine learning techniques to discover user intents.


PDF icon Virtual Assistant for Eletricity Operating Instructions [Salvo Automaticamente].pdf


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