Distributed Ledger Technologies

Tuesday, September 10, 2019 - 12:15 to 13:15
York Sure-Vetter


Incorporating Blockchain into RDF Store at The Lightweight Edge Devices

RDF stores provide a simple abstraction for publishing and querying data that is becoming a norm in data sharing practice. They empower the decentralized architecture of data publishing for the Web or IoT-driven systems which share a lot in common with blockchain infrastructure and technologies. Therefore, there are emerging interests in marrying blockchain and RDF to realize desirable but speculative benefits of blockchain-powered data sharing.

Verifying the Integrity of Hyperlinked Information using Linked Data and Smart Contracts

We present an approach to verify off-chained information using Linked Data, Smart Contracts, and RDF graph hashes stored on a Distributed Ledger. We use the notion of a Linked Pedigree, i.e. a decentralised dataset for storing hyperlinked information, as modelling foundation. We evaluate our approach by comparing different ways to build the Smart Contract.