Ensuring GDPR compliance with Knowledge Graphs at large German powertool manufacturer

How can a knowledge graph based data management simplify and automate GDPR processes and establish full transparency on personal data throughout the entire enterprise? This presentation shows how a knowledge graphcan establish a single source of truth in a company with even hundreds to thousands of disparate systems. In May 2018, a large German powertools manufacturer looked for a way to address the arising challenges of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). They had identified two main challenges that needed a technical solution. 1) How can the Data Protection Officer find out, if personal data of a person filing a Subject Access Request under GDPR is stored and processed in any of the company's systems at all? 2) How can a Data Protection Officer find all data and ensure comprehensiveness? This presentation shows how a large powertools manufacturer were able to get order in their GDPR process within just a few months, to integrate a search module across all applications as well as to establish a lean process for reporting under GDPR. The presentation will also outline the limitations of classical data management approaches.


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