GNOSS Graph Data & Analytics applied to Adveo Group for demand predictive analytics and dynamic price management

ADVEO has been almost up till now the leading company in Europe specialized in the wholesale distribution of office equipment, school material and stationery supplies for different working and teaching environments. With a labour force of 1,200 professionals, ADVEO offered to over 17,000 customer-distributors across Europe a catalogue of 250,000 products and services through the most of brands.
The challenge and the objective fulfilled in the project was to bring deep knowledge to Adveo's e-Commerce strategy. To achieve all these ambitious purposes, we built a Symbolic Artificial Intelligence solution based on the building and exploitation of a demand's knowledge graph semantically aware.
ADVEO Symbolic Artificial Intelligence solution selects the best SKUs (references), those that can be sold faster and better (products with the best margin and the best demand) and recommends the best prices for these products.
We built for Adveo a unified and interrogable Knowledge Graph that integrates product information of 200,000 references in total and enriched information about this products with data of the demand preferences, behaviours and trends, what means that we have integrated in the ADVEO's Knowledge Graph users' rating and reviews data in the main e-commerce spaces on internet and, also, pricing information on internet.


PDF icon 20190908 Semantics-Adveo- GNOSS-Susana Lopez Sola.pdf


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