Semantic Information Management

Tuesday, September 10, 2019 - 10:30 to 12:00
Andre Langer


The Semantic Asset Administration Shell

The disruptive potential of the upcoming digital transformations for the industrial manufacturing domain have led to several reference frameworks and uncountable standardization approaches. On the other hand, the Semantic Web community has elaborated remarkable amounts of work for instance on data and service description, integration of heterogeneous sources and devices and AI techniques in distributed systems.

GNOSS Graph Data & Analytics applied to Adveo Group for demand predictive analytics and dynamic price management

ADVEO has been almost up till now the leading company in Europe specialized in the wholesale distribution of office equipment, school material and stationery supplies for different working and teaching environments. With a labour force of 1,200 professionals, ADVEO offered to over 17,000 customer-distributors across Europe a catalogue of 250,000 products and services through the most of brands.

Content profiles, a common data standard for data, content and knowledge models for any enterprise

Principles governing continuous integration and deployment of value adding services, demand a flexible data model that breaths the oxygen of balancing supply and demand of knowledge and data transfer between applications, the data-lake and entity storage. Feedback loops that leverage human and machine learning insights can support improvement and extension of the profiles in a dynamic way. Being able to integrate with existing data sources is essential for adoption.