Knowledge Discovery & Semantic Search

Tuesday, September 10, 2019 - 16:00 to 17:30
Jindrich Mynarz


From specific problems to a generic solution: A scalable framework for analyzing Big Data of Patent Information

"Patent documents are considered as a valuable source of technological and legal information, which has a high impact for innovation-driven business and research as well. With the availability of customized patent databases, and the emerge of millions of patent applications each year, the potentials of data mining and machine learning based techniques for providing added value out of such huge amount of data became very high. However, patent documents have special characteristics such as significantly different lexicons and different types of structured and unstructured data.

Creating a semantic food knowledge base with cooking recipes for a meal recommender system

The LIFANA Nutrition Solution helps elderly people maintaining a healthy BMI as their metabolism is changing with age and their eating habits eventually need to be reconsidered. LIFANA provides a personalized meal plan that helps users to prevent undernutrition or overweight, targeting the total daily calories consumed and proteins. The LIFANA approach is based on meal recommendations instead of food logging to make its usage more convenient, since only deviations from the plan need to be reported.

Democratizing Linked Data - A picture is worth a thousand words with embedded linked metadata.

Pixel images are an evergreen file format in daily communication channels amongst dynamic interdisciplinary teams in real estate projects. These images are often rendered from structured data sources, typically residing in silos, scattered amongst various stakeholders. As the volume of structured data residing in silos is increasing, tracing these data sources is becoming a major challenge in practice.